Utility Search


A licensed private investigator will provide information regarding; active utility accounts, phone, work information, and forwarding address that utility companies have on file. No locate applies only if we are unable to find any utility information on the subject, but we still go one step further to find a current address and possible phone numbers so call a professional private investigator today or submit us a request using our contact page. .


Required Info: Name, SSN, and Last Known Address or City of Residence
Other Helpful Info: DOB and any applicable info you have

Average Completion – 1 Day
No Locate Fee - $25


Price: $100





Utility Search/Skip Tracing also available for Corporations and Businesses of all sizes at a discounted rate (monthly minimum required with contract). For more information, contact one of our professional private investigator's today..


(If you need a licensed private investigator to locate someone, look no further. We have a track record of success for finding those that attempt to hide from their responsibilities!!)


"Our Private Investigator's work diligently to get you the results you need in order to collect a debt, asset protection, or civil litigation".