Infidelity/Adultery/Cheating Spouse/Cheating Partner



Infidelity is one of the main causes of divorce in America today with statistics showing that 50-70% of married couples cheat on each other. A cheating spouse involved in an extramarital affair can destroy your family, your trust, and create self-esteem issues.


Platinum Security & Investigations, Inc understands that this can be a very sensitive and emotional subject, but it will not go away by denial alone. Most spouses or partners may become aware of suspicious activity, but have a tendency to not follow their gut instinct by ignoring the issue, or confronting the situation. Well, this issue will not just go away and confronting this situation with your spouse or partner will only create an argument because if they cheat, they will most definitely lie about it.


We at PSI believe that you have a right to know if your spouse or partner is being unfaithful and have a personal interest in seeing your significant other be held accountable for their actions.


It's time now to diminish your uncertainties and suspicions about infidelity by hiring PSI to acquire the evidence and proof you need regarding your spouse’s indiscretions.


Signs of a Cheating Spouse


1) Longer than usual trips to the grocery store, working late, or last minute 
    business trips.

2) Clothing selection, hair style changes, or sudden changes in perfume or

3) A sudden interest in working out at the gym or dieting.

4) Unusual behavior such as; becomes over protective with cell phone,   
     constantly deleting cell phone messages, password protects everything, not  
     interested in intimacy with you, angry or cruel towards you.

5) Becomes emotionally distant by living like they are single again.

6) Becomes very defensive when asked questions.

7) Excessively spending or ATM withdrawls.

8) Buying and wearing jewerly for the first time.

9) Caught in lies.

10) They hate your surprise visits to the office

(Noticing one or all of these signs of infidelity does not guarantee that your spouse or partner is having an affair. It's not good for your relationship to start making accusations you can't prove because a cheater will always lie. The best thing that you can do is to get your FACTS straight by going about your daily routine and calling us.)



Isn’t it time you found out “The Truth”?