Surveillance - Private Detective Services



 Surveillance is an investigative technique utilized by a private detective to observe and document an individual's activities suspected to be involved in situations including, but not limited to; infidelity, cohabitation, workers' compensation,  insurance fraud, civil and criminal investigations, employee theft, and child custodial cases.
 Our private detectives are highly trained professionals in all aspects of covert surveillance and utilize state of the art digital and video recording equipment. All investigations we conduct include a detailed factual report as well as surveillance video and/or photographic images.
 It is also the practice of Platinum Security & Investigations, Inc to continuously update our clients on the progressing development of their case by telephone, email, or text. Our private detectives at Platinum Security & Investigations, Inc will keep all investigations that strictly confidential between us and our clients. We will never disclose any personal information about our clients or their case to any third-party persons. 
  If you are looking for a private detective company that is made up of well experienced, professional, and honest private investigators, then look no further because Platinum Security & Investigations, Inc works diligently to get results for our clients. You won't find a more experienced private detective agency anywhere in the State of Georgia.

It is also easy to acquire the services of our private detectives by contacting us directly by phone, email, or by clicking on the page link titled "Investigative & Contact Form" and submitting it to us. We will respond very quick to your request. All information you provide will be held in strict confidence and if decide you do not want to go through with the investigation, then we will shred all the information you sent to us.