Comprehensive Background Search



This national comprehensive background search is the most complete package available. Don't be fooled by those internet people searches and background checks for $29.99 because the information is usually outdated and inaccurate. Platinum Security & Investigations, Inc utilizes the most advanced proprietary database system that is constantly updated. Usually, this type search is for employers that want to check the background history of employees and landlords that want to see if possible tenants have liens, judgments, bankruptcies, or criminal histories. This type search can also be used for individuals looking for that long lost loved one, checking the background on someone they met on the internet, or for debt collectors that want updated information for collection purposes.


The information provided in this package consists of: Current Address, Phone, Historical Addresses, Aliases, Cities History, Utilities, E-Mail Addresses, Address Reported Dates, Arrest Records, Bankruptcies, Criminal Records, Evictions, Judgments, Liens, Professional Licenses, UCC Filings, US Corporate Affiliations, Aircraft Records, Pilot Licenses, Voter Registration, Hunting and Weapons Permits, Possible Relatives, and Possible Associates. 



If you want to find out "everything" about

someone, then you want this package


 When you fill the investigative form out, please include as much information you can about the subject such as; name, DOB (if available), last known address, age, gender, race, state of birth, etc... The more info we have, the better a chance of receiving a hit.



Package Price: $150



(No Hit Fee $25)

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